Our Services

Include, but are not limited to:


CCTV Camera Drainage Survey

Utilising our CCTV Drain Survey service completely removes any uncertainties about what's actually causing your issues. There's no need to dig anything up to investigate, and any and all footage can be stored onto a USB device for you to keep.

It allows us to identify things such as:
- Blockages
- Leaks
- Joint Displacement
- Collapsed Drains
- Root Ingress

This service is perfect for Homebuyers and Landlords alike for peace of mind before owning a property/accepting new tenants.

Drain Unblocking

Manual Unblocking - We'll always attempt to manually resolve any blockages using drain rods, before we have to involve the high-powered jetter.

Pressure Jetter Unblocking - Our brand new Brian Nixon-built High Power Water Jetter makes light work of stubborn blockages. It can extend much further down your drainage system than a manual unblock can, and is considerably more powerful!

Combine this with a CCTV Drain Inspection, and you have a fully unintrusive solution to your drainage problem.

Sewage Sludge Treatment

Patching & Lining

No-dig technology allows us to fix drains experiencing such issues as root ingress, joint displacement and loss of structural integrity, without the need to excavate large sections of your land.

The need for this service is identified off the back of a successful CCTV Drain Survey and is intended to cause as minimal disruption as possible.

Patches and Liners restore the smooth flow and integrity of your drains, often remedying recurring issues such as blockages and sewage backups.

Image by Tom Rumble

Property Pre-Purchase/Landlord New Tenancy Inspection

We can offer the below services as a package to make it a more cost-effective option as you either look to move into a property/place new tenants in a property that you already own. 

- Full drain CCTV camera survey with complete video footage stored to USB

- High-pressure jet out of drainage network to remove any silt, sediment and scaling.